The great diversity, spirit and vibrancy of Sheffield

March 23, 2010

First of all I am sorry for not doing the blog, but I have been rushed off my feet – which you will be able to read about. Also to let you know with the forthcoming Elections, a period of what is known as Purdah is coming, which means that this will be the last blog I am able to do until after the Elections on May 6.

Some of the highlights since the last blog, which again shows off the great diversity, spirit and vibrancy of Sheffield.

Sheffield is looking cleaner than ever

I helped to launch the Spring Clean which is a 2 month festival of local community groups and people coming together for the annual spring clean. If you would like to help please visit our Big Spring Clean webpages.

Local Volunteers Helping with Sheffield Big Spring Clean 2010

I was involved in the Wicked Waste conference, which was encouraging school children on the theme of football to get involved in spring clean. Captain Blade and Ozzy Owl were there to help out.

Sheffield's Big Valentine Market

Showing Love for Local Business

I was able to attend the Big Valentine Market which was a celebration of local businesses. I am always impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of Sheffield people and their determination to improve local jobs.


The Year of the Tiger

I was really delighted to be able to share with the local Chinese Community their celebrations to welcome in the year of the Tiger. Sheffield’s Chinese Community is growing and is an important part of the growth and future of the City.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Sheffield 2010

Young People into Parliament

I was asked to announce the results of the Sheffield Youth Parliament. The astonishing thing was the number of people who voted, which shows that across the City young people are interested in politics, and do want to make sure that they have young people speaking up for them. They were delighted with the results and I hope that our young members of the Youth Parliament go on and shout up for Sheffield’s young people.

One Millionth Visitor – A Special Museum

I welcomed the one millionth visitor to the wonderful Western Park Museum. A great family museum that has been refurbished and is now a gem in Sheffield’s Museum’s crown.

Sheffield's Weston Park Museum

Crucible – A Royal Blessing

I was really delighted to be able to accompany Prince Edward to the launch of the new Crucible. It was a very relaxed time with Prince Edward, and I was really pleased that the Crucible was able to be reopened and launched. I know that Daniel and his team will allow the Theatre to go from success to success.

More Tea Vicar?

I was delighted to launch Fair Trade Fortnight with young people across Sheffield in the Winter Garden. This is a campaign to ensure that producers of goods get a fair price for the products they produce in developing countries. Sheffield is a Fair Trade City and it was great to help launch the fortnight.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2010

Snow Glorious Snow

I was on the TV, radio and newspapers to launch the great snow debate in Sheffield. We promised that once the snow had gone that we would have a debate, with the people of Sheffield, about how best to improve the snow clearing operation across Sheffield. Make sure you get involved by clicking on (insert link) and helping to improve how we can all keep Sheffield moving.

Run, run, run

I was able to help launch the Great Yorkshire Run. Some great names will be running it this year in September. I have also commited to running the event as well. It is a great family day out and really brings visitors into the city, and also local people are able to join in the fun and excitement.

Launching the Great Yorkshire Run 2010 in Sheffield

50 plus – Old People Having their say

 I was delighted to be able to speak to the 50 plus elders congress here in Sheffield. These people are elected by people of the same age, to represent them on a city wide level. Really usefully questions were asked, and I am really delighted that some of the issues that they raised we will be able to look at to help to improve services for those over 50 plus living in the city.

A sticky problem

As part of the Spring Clean event I was able to get involved with removing chewing gum from the City Centre. It is amazing how much this costs to tax payers, and therefore if we can just encourage people to put their gum in the bin it would save thousand of pounds a year and help keep the city looking more spic and span.

Clearing chewing gum in the city centre as part of Sheffield's Big Spring Clean 2010

Young People Give a Thumbs up to Local Playgrounds

I was delighted to attend Broadfield Road Park to celebrate with young people the fact that there has been a 15% increase in young people’s satisfaction of local parks and playgrounds this year. We are really trying our best to ensure that across the city every young person has a quality park and/or playground to go to.

Driving the Environmentally Friendly Way

I was able to go to Polestar – a huge printing works in Darnall – to celebrate with them their 5 stars that they have received as part of the Eco Star Scheme. This encourages businesses to run their vehicles more environmentally friendly, as well as helping them to save money. It a win, win. I was really pleased that Bedfords, who work with Polestar, got 5 stars for the work they have done.

Keep our Footbridge Open

I was delighted again to be shoulder to shoulder with the people of Sheffield in the name of keeping our Railway Station open and not having the footbridge, which the public have paid for, cut in two by ticket barriers being installed.


I was delighted to go to Roundabout which is a charity which helps teenagers who are homeless. I am really, really impressed by the work this charity does in trying to get young people back not just a home, but also employment and training so that they can have a better start in life.

As always, I am here if you need to contact me to ensure that Sheffield is a place where everyone matters.

Best wishes



Shouting Up for Sheffield

December 16, 2009

This week was another case of showing that Sheffield is both an international city and one that cares about local people.


I met with people from Chengdu, which is the 17th largest economy in China, to discuss Sheffield arranging a sister city agreement.  It is agreed that this is the right way forward and subsequently will help jobs, the economy, culture and leisure activities by sharing and learning from both cities.


With other councillors, I met the Primary Care Trust which provides health care to discuss ways in which we can make Sheffielders even healthier.  We discussed ways of working together closely and ensuring that we try to promote ways of preventing people becoming unhealthy and keeping them independent.


I held a meeting with the universities and the member of the Malaysian community within Sheffield.  We talked about possibly working with the Trade Union in Malaysia on building student accommodation for Malaysian students within Sheffield.  This would obviously help the universities promote themselves as well as ensuring that Sheffield keeps its special relationship with international students.


We were able to push our chests out and beat the drum for Sheffield last week by delivering the 2018 bid document to Wembley.  Sheffield wants to be part of the England bid for the FIFA 2018 World Cup.  It was an absolutely brilliant ‘Team Sheffield’ event with the band and everyone from 10 year old youngsters, right through to ex-footballers.  We really were able to show off Sheffield at its best and say that we could be a great city to host the 2018 World Cup.

Running for Sheffield…

September 16, 2009

This week has been a week where Sheffield has been promoted nationally and internationally, as well as making some cost savings for local residents.

 Concentrating on the finish lineGreat Yorkshire Run

On Sunday I was part of the Great Yorkshire Run, and saw Sheffield from a different point of view as I panted and puffed through the streets of Sheffield.  It was great to see over 8,000 runners on the route and brilliant to see the city getting national and international exposure as part of the Great Yorkshire Run.

 My own time was just over 1 hour, not bad considering I had not done any training before hand, although I now know why you need to!  I ran with ‘Backing the Bid 2018’ t-shirt to encourage people to get on to the website and vote for Sheffield to be a host city if England gets the 2018 World Cup. or you can text ‘Sheffield’ to 62018. So show your support!

 Large Businesses just as important as small businesses

I went to visit the store manager at Debenhams at the top of the Moor, to discuss how we can help promote the Moor during the time that it is being regenerated. 

Debenhams - The Moor

Debenhams - The Moor

Some brilliant ideas to discuss how we can use the talent of local people to help bring people on to the Moor, as well as help shops, both small and large, which are situated there.  It is important to me that at a time of this economic recession, that we do all we can to keep the city centre vibrant and buzzing, so that visitors and local sheffielders alike get a good experience within the city centre. 

 Great Museums in Sheffield

I was able to meet the new Chair of Sheffield Museums, Sandra Newton, to discuss how we could work together to promote good educational leisure opportunities around the local Museums.

Weston Park Museum

Weston Park Museum

Sheffield is blessed with brilliant Museums for both locals and visitors alike, and we were able to discuss how we can promote the Museums to a wider range of people to ensure that whatever – whether it be Weston Park Museum, Millennium Gallery, Graves Museum or the other museums in the city – we can do all we can to ensure that local people get a brilliant experience when they come and visit.  Some exciting ideas were discussed and hopefully these will come to fruition for people in the near future.

Working for the Whole of Sheffield

My monthly chairing of the Sheffield First Partnership, the Board that brings together the Police, Fire, Education, Council and Voluntary Community Sector and business, met this week.  We were discussing a number of important issues but particularly concentrated on the next city strategy, which is a plan about the key priorities for Sheffield and how we are all going to come together to improve the quality of life for local Sheffielders, and make sure that there are opportunities for all across the city.

Key issues were about improving the chances for our young people through education, and also looking at issues of health, to ensure that our health service really delivers top quality services for local people.

Presenting certificatesA Cleaner, Greener Environment

I was able to present to the City Council and City Sameday Couriers Limited certificates for their commitments to the new Eco Stars Scheme in Sheffield.  This is a unique scheme within the UK which works on an individual basis with companies who have got fleets of vehicles to reduce the Co2 emissions that they put into the environment.  It also helps the company get more value for their pounds by reducing costs on fleet management.  This has the affect of making sure that we can all breathe easier, and help reduce the number of people who suffer health problems because of vehicle emissions.


Buy Local, local jobs, local businesses

When I first became Leader of the Council I gave a commitment to try to improve the Council to support local businesses.

I am pleased to say that in that time we have increased the number and the amount of money spent throughout the contracting department from 28 per cent to 63 per cent with business in an ‘S’ postcode.

I have had a meeting with the Buy Local Group – which is local businesses within Sheffield to discuss how we improve supporting local businesses to get on the ladder so that they can try to bid for local contracts.

This is unique in the fact that it is not just the Council but all public sector bodies, Health Service, Fire, Police, Universities, Sheffield College are involved.  We are really committed to try to safe local jobs and give opportunities to local businesses.

International Sheffield – Saying farewell to international students

We have two brilliant Universities here in Sheffield and I was delighted to say farewell to some Malaysian and Sri Lankan students who had spend three months here in Sheffield at the Hallam University.  It was wonderful to see Sheffield helping to educate, and give opportunity to international students and they love the city that they had been in for the last three months.

 I was delighted to speak to some of them and their view of Sheffield and how they will become ambassadors for us halfway around the world in promoting Sheffield in their new jobs and whatever they do.

 Really, really important that Sheffield has an international profile to ensure that not only will we get students but also international contracts and an international profile.

 I do see this as an important part of my role as Leader to make sure that Sheffielders do get opportunities internationally.

Listening to the voice of business

This week also got me in front of local businesses at the Chamber of Commerce Council.  We discussed a number of issues including transport, Buy Local, and how we are preparing Sheffield’s economy for the up-turn.  A really enjoyable dialogue with local business people who are supportive of the Council keeping our eye on the long-term future of our economy and ensuring that local Sheffielders have opportunities for jobs, training and skills.

As ever, if I can be of any help, then please do not hesitate to contact me at and be absolutely assured that I am still working to make sure that this city is one where everyone matters.

Staying focussed for young Sheffielders

August 10, 2009
Seeing so many young people this week makes me realise that we all have to stay focussed in giving our young Sheffielders the best future possible.

Broadfield Park – Play extravaganza

The opening of Broadfield Park in Sharrow.

The opening of Broadfield Park in Sharrow.

The excitement and buzz at the opening of Broadfield Park in the Sharrow area really was a fantastic and enjoyable experience.  A great crowd turned out to open the new play area which includes, swings, slides as well as a full court area for young adults where they can play cricket etc.

At the opening the young people were really excited, we all cut the ribbon together and basically had a great time.  Really good to see the local community turn out as well as community groups such as ACT being there – well done everybody.

Gleadless Valley Matters

I met with local Councillor, Denise Reaney, as well the housing officer and Councillor Bob McCann, Cabinet Member for Housing, to discuss a number of issues arising in Gleadless Valley.  We talked through a number of issues where we can try to help the community have an improved quality of life.  It is really important that no matter where people live in Sheffield, they are able to live in a green, safe and enjoyable environment.

Pomp and Circumstance

I was delighted to see so many Sheffielders in the Peace Gardens to listen to the free concert provided by the Kings Division Military Band.

Free concert in the Peace Gardens provided by the Kings Division Military Band

Free concert in the Peace Gardens provided by the Kings Division Military Band

This band plays for the Yorkshire Regiment who have the Freedom of the City.  Listening to the music made me realise how diverse a city we are, as well as how many of the young people within the Yorkshire Regiment come from Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

It was a wonderful evening, and I was delighted to act as host and welcome some returning soldiers from Iraq back to South Yorkshire.

Keeping Warm and Free

With the challenge of global warming and the recession, it was nice to go and visit a local resident in Walkley who had benefited from the Council’s free insulation scheme.

Talking to Dr Claire Mortimer-Griffin I realised how important it was both in terms of helping to keep her heating bills down, as well as contributing to reduction in global warming.

Visiting a local resident in Walkley who has benefited from the Council’s free insulation scheme.

Visiting a local resident in Walkley who has benefited from the Council’s free insulation scheme.

I really enjoyed the cup of tea and the chat about local issues and her love of art.

Diversity – Everyone Matters

I met with the new Chief Executive, Tariq Kataria, of the Pakistan Muslim Centre to talk about his hopes and aspirations for the centre. I found it really important that Tariq’s view is that the PMC should be a place where all the community who live in Sheffield can use, and to help breakdown some of the stereotypes that exist.

Really found Tariq to be a very forward and progressive thinking young man, and I am sure that it will help, both the Pakistan community as well as everyone in Sheffield, to breakdown some barriers.

Listening to Young People – working for the future

Young people’s views are very clear and they know how they can help to improve the future of Sheffield.

Young people’s views are very clear and they know how they can help to improve the future of Sheffield.

I was able to get around a number of youth projects this week, including some at Darnall, Woodthorpe and Arbourthorne.  I found it fascinating listening to the youth workers and young people.

Young people’s views are very clear and they know how they can help to improve, not just their lives, but the future of the city where they are going to make their future.

Getting around the city to see young people.

Getting around the city to see young people.

Some of the issues that came back were – greater youth provision, but also the desire for young people – who some times are marginalised – to have training and job opportunities.  While in Arbourthorne I gave the opportunity for a group of young men, who had been unemployed for a few years, to come into the Town Hall at some future date, to speak to me and some senior officers about how we can improve their opportunities to try to get better skills and on to the job ladder.

It was really refreshing to hear young people’s views so clearly and makes you understand as Leader of the City, just how most young people really do wish to do the best for themselves and the city, and break down the view of all young people as being ‘hoodies’ and ‘yobs’.

Mental Health – The Forgotten Health Service!

Many see mental health as a Cinderella service!   However we must not do that people with mental health should have the same opportunities as everyone else.  I was therefore delighted to meet a group of parents and people with mental health issues up at Middlewood Road North.  They were looking particularly at trying to get a crossing to ensure that people with mental health problems could get across the road safely and lead as independent lives as possible so that they could go to the shops.

I looked round the home that they lived in and was delighted to see them flourishing and desperate to lead independent lives.  With my Cabinet Member we agreed that we would look into this and get back to them as soon as possible.

Every Business Matters

Meeting Simon Wright from Hard Slog Art Studio

Meeting Simon Wright from Hard Slog Art Studio

During a recent visit down Fargate, when local new businesses were showcasing their wares, I met Simon Wright from Hard Slog Art Studio.  I promised to get him into the Town Hall and he came in this week to discuss his frustration at not receiving support to help grow his small start up business of art.  I was pleased that we were able to take him down to First for Business, which is the new service we have set up to help business grow and flourish.  I am sure that Simon, with our support, can continue to grow and hopefully his art will not just go on walls in Sheffield, but further a field.

As always if there is anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to contact me at and hopefully this blog is showing you that we, as a Council, are out there, and I as Leader am trying to ensure that Sheffield is a place where everyone matters.

Proud of Our Green City

August 5, 2009

This week just makes me realise how proud we are as Sheffielders to have such a green city.  I know that is why Sheffielders love the parks and green spaces around them.

A Quieter Night-time for All

I have had a meeting this week to discuss how we are going to address the needs of local people who want to have a dedicated night-time noise nuisance service.  It is really important that those people, who are being blighted by noise in the night, can have a response from the Council.  I am pleased to say that later on this year that is exactly what will happen.

Green and Environmental Jobs

Barry King, from Global Eco Fuel Solutions, and Me

Barry King, from Global Eco Fuel Solutions, and Me

I met Barry King this week, who is part of the Global Eco Fuel Solutions.  This is a company that is looking at using waste to make eco friendly fuel.  I talked to him about the possibility of him relocating to the city, and made it clear that Sheffield would be very interested in working with his company.  Not only will it help the environment in an innovative solution but would help to create local green jobs as well.

Broomhall Vibrant and Buzzing

I went to a meeting of local community representatives at Broomhall to listen to their views on how they want to take their community forward.  I am pleased that we were able to begin to put some ideas down which will, in particular, help the young people between 18 and 25 to get a job and training opportunities.  I have agreed to set up a session for local employers and trainers to go into the area and help local young people to find jobs.


 Young People – Listening to their Views

I was happy to meet with Harrison Carter, who is one of the Youth MPs for Sheffield. 

Youth MPs Harrison and Jonathan with Cllr Andrew Sangar and me in the Town Hall

Youth MPs Harrison and Jonathan with Cllr Andrew Sangar and me in the Town Hall

He and his deputy Jonathan talked to me about some of their hopes and ambitions in their year in office.  I was very keen to listen to some of their campaigns that they want to run, particularly about engaging more young people in the democratic process. 
I said I would help to do whatever I could and I am sure that in Harrison, the young people of Sheffield have a very good advocate for them at a national and local level.

Full Council

This week has also been the week of the Full Council, where all the 84 Councillors get together to discuss important issues.

Members of the public can come and ask questions and petitions without notice, which is always an important part of democracy for me.

164-6407_IMGIt is really important that I, as Leader, and my Cabinet, are held to account by Sheffield people.  Sheffielders being who they are, they let us know exactly what they think, and ask some very demanding and important questions. 

Key issues that were discussed in the Council meeting included the Sustainable Communities Act. Sheffield has asked the Government to change national law so that we can do things such  as have control over the total Post Office network within Sheffield as a Council, and also help people grow green, local food by taking over local development areas that have not been used for over six months.

Also discussed at Council was our desire to try to ensure we get more Council and affordable homes within Sheffield.  It is worth noting that already we have £69 million allocated, which will provide over a 1,000 new homes over the next few years.

Meadowhall – Important to the city!

Meadowhall Shopping Centre

Meadowhall Shopping Centre

I went to visit Darren Pearce, who is the Centre Director of Meadowhall, and discussed how we can work together to ensure that Meadowhall is not seen as a threat to the city centre but rather as complementary.  We talked through a number of issues, including how the Source, which is the training element of Meadowhall, is helping to showcase Sheffield.  This is the scheme where young people, who are looking to learn about merchandising, get the chance to dress windows within the city centre, which are currently standing empty while we are waiting for the Hammerson Development to take place.

Ten Green Flags – All in a Row

I was very pleased to go up to Weston Park to showcase Sheffield’s National Awards, known as Green Flags.  These are the gold medals for green parks and gardens awarded nationally.  Sheffield has got the most in Yorkshire, which is absolutely brilliant. 

Showcasing Sheffield's National Awards - Ten Green Flags

Showcasing Sheffield's National Awards - Ten Green Flags

I was able to thank the people who work for the Parks Department as well as local people who are part of ‘Friends Groups’ who tenderly make sure we have lots of colour across our city.

Picnic in Weston Park

Picnicking in Weston Park with young people from the Sheffield Community Church

Picnicking in Weston Park with young people from the Sheffield Community Church

While I was out at Weston Park I saw a group of young people from the Sheffield Community Church, who were enjoying the greenery and surroundings in Weston Park.  They had just been to the Museum, which is free of charge, and had some education about the city and then went on to have a picnic and a run around on the green areas in Weston Park.  It was really good to see Sheffielders enjoying the parks in the city.

Manufacturing for the Long Term

I met with the Lord Mayor of London who is the spokesperson for banking in the City of London.  We discussed key issues in the financial sector, but I made it very clear that Sheffield’s economic base was really strong and that the banks and financial institutions must take a long term view to help our manufacturing businesses to continue to grow and produce world beating products.  It is no good taking a short term view when it comes to the manufacturing strengths that we have in Sheffield.

Sheffield the real Capital of Yorkshire

Sheffield is the Real Capital of Yorkshire!

Sheffield is the Real Capital of Yorkshire!

On Saturday August 1st I was outside the Town Hall handing out white roses to passers by to celebrate Yorkshire Day.  I wore a t-shirt saying “Sheffield the real capital of Yorkshire” and was really impressed by the pride and warmth of Sheffield people for standing for their city.  We know we have a little gem in Sheffield and on Saturday we made sure that the rest of Yorkshire heard that too.

Victoria Park – Broomhill – Another Green Area

Again, another visit to a green space within a little suburb of Sheffield in the ward I represent – Broomhill.  I was able to attend the opening of the wonderful Victoria Park, by Parkers Lane. 

Victoria Park

Victoria Park

 I would like to thank the local friends group, who had really rallied round and ensured that what was becoming a derelict piece of land has become a green gem in the centre of Broomhill.

As always I am here to try to ensure that Sheffield meets your needs as local people, and if there is anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to contact me at

I am always trying to make sure that Sheffield is a place where everyone matters, and that we all, as Sheffielders, meet our full potential.



July 17, 2009
This is my new blog as Leader of Sheffield City Council. I’m keen to share and explain to Sheffielders the work I do on behalf of you, your family and the city.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and if you have any questions or comments about the work that I am doing, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Last week was a week of great diversity and some really difficult decisions have had to be made.

Skills For Young People
 Here's me at the In My Shoes event with young people from Sheffield

Here's me at the In My Shoes event with young people from Sheffield

 At the beginning of the week I met with Mark Lovell, who is one of the Directors of A4E, to discuss how we can improve skills for young people within the city, particularly in difficult economic times.  We came up with some good ideas and now these are being worked on to help our young people to have the skills they need, not just for work, but to be active citizens within the city.

Local Planning Issues

As the local Broomhill Ward Councillor I attended the Planning Board meeting to object to a Tesco store being built at Commonside.  In my view this would be a blot on the local landscape, which would not only create traffic problems, noise and nuisance problems for the local residents, but would also undermine what is becoming a thriving shopping centre within the Crookesmoor area.  I am pleased to say that the Planning Board supported local residents and the application was turned down.Local EconomyAlso I chaired the Sheffield First Partnership Board. 

This is the Board that brings together the Council, Police, Fire Service, Universities, College, private sector businesses, voluntary, faith and community sector, to work together to deal with issues that the city is facing and put forward plans to tackle them.We discussed the local economy and how we can ride out the recession without having as much damage as other cities, but also staying focussed on the long term so that when the economy improves, our city and Sheffielders can make the most of it as soon as possible.Botanical Gardens I visited the wonderful

Botanical Gardens

Me with Sue Kohler at the Botanical Gardens

Me with Sue Kohler at the Botanical Gardens

 I visited the Botanical Gardens to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the Friends of the Botanical Gardens.  It was amazing to see such dedicated people who, in their spare time, like so many people in this city who volunteer, work to improve the look of the Botanical Gardens.  I presented Dr Sue Kohler a plaque to thank the Friends for all the work that they do, and it was good to see so many of them.

 Abbeydale Grange School

One of the hardest decisions I have had to make whilst being Leader of the Council was taken last week about Abbeydale Grange School. Despite trying desperately to find another school within the local area that would join up and merge with Abbeydale Grange, we so far haven’t been able to do so, and have had to take the very difficult decision to start consultation on closure for the School. 

The Cabinet meeting was full of emotion as many parents, pupils and staff argued why they wanted Abbeydale Grange to stay open.  The arguments were strong, and some of the young people’s presentations were incredibly well presented.  However, despite this, what is clear to me, and my Cabinet, is that we have to invest £14 million to improve the life of the existing and future pupils of Abbeydale Grange School. However, I am just as focussed as ever at trying to find a school that it can merge with, so that over the consultation period there may be another option available to local residents.

 In My Shoes

On a lighter note, I also attended the official launch in the Peace Gardens of the ‘In my Shoes’ event.  It was really enjoyable seeing so many different Sheffielders coming together just to take time out to talk about what it is like to be a Sheffielder in their shoes and from their perspective.  It was hosted by BBC Radio Sheffield’s wonderful Rony Robinson and Paulette Edwards. 
Me at the In My Shoes Event with Sheffield divers

Me at the In My Shoes Event with Sheffield divers


Me with Rony Robinson and Paulette Edwards at the In My Shoes event in Sheffield

Me with Rony Robinson and Paulette Edwards at the In My Shoes event in Sheffield

It was great to see so many young people there enjoying themselves.  There was some absolutely remarkable poetry from members of the Youth Council, which was both moving and very, very poignant about what it is like to be a young person in Sheffield.  I hope this becomes an annual event.


Visit to Town Hall small

As the Leader I try to open the Town Hall as much as possible for Sheffielders and on Thursday a group of young people from Firvale School visited me with their work as part of the BIG project.  The BIG project is a way of trying to encourage people to set up businesses within the city and to make a real go of being an entrepreneur.  Pupils tested their business and selling skills in a virtual market place and all made a profit! There’s certainly a career ahead for many of them as businessmen and women in the city. It makes me very proud to be Leader of a city with such young talent.

Charity Support

I meet so many people who contribute to this city, including those who work for charity. I presented a cheque from the Cue Ball event for more than £24,000 to two local charities – Cash for Kids and the Cathedral Archer Project helping homeless and vulnerable people.  Many of you will know that Sheffield is the home of snooker and every year a charity event is held during the World Snooker Championships to raise money for local charities.

Being Shadowed
Me with Beatrise in Sheffield Town Hall

Me with Beatrise in Sheffield Town Hall

 I have had quite a varied and busy week, and I must also mention that 15 year old Parkwood School pupil Beatrise shadowed me for a day.  This was arranged as part of the Pledge for Success campaign, which aims to raise attainment and aspiration levels for Sheffield’s young people.   She gave me feedback about the role of the Council from a young person’s view.  I was really impressed with her latching on to environmental issues, as a lot of young people do, and the work the Council needs to undertake to improve life in the future.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you have enjoyed reading this the first of my blogs, and keep looking to find out what else I am doing.  Please do leave a comment here.  All you need to do is sign up for a Word press account.