International status for Sheffield…

Sheffield was beamed into over 70 million households across the world recently, as the International Open Table Tennis finals took place here.  I didn’t actually realise just how big a sport it was in the Far East, and so Sheffield was truly world famous.  I was delighted to have as a guest, the Consul General Mr Ni from Manchester.

The winning team!

 The event was hosted at the English Institute of Sport and what a wonderful place it is. Out of the four finals I saw, China won three.  I’m afraid that England didn’t win any!

Attercliffe Gateway

 I was able to meet a number of people who have committed to improving the Attercliffe Gateway.   We were talking about big ideas to try and ensure that Attercliffe becomes a great place to live, work and invest.   I met with a couple of business people – David Slater and David Frost, to discuss their ideas and am trying to ensure that Attercliffe’s vision is one of a global green gateway.  Further work will be done on this to see what we can do to ensure that Attercliffe really does meet its full potential.

Core Cities of England

I recently went to Liverpool to work with the other eight core cities (Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester) to discuss how we can work together to pursue ideas that the Government need to adopt if our cities are to become the same economic and social power houses as our European counterparts.   One of the ideas we discussed, was to look at how we can work to help our manufacturing economy, as well as helping local workforces to ensure that people can economically meet their potential.   

 Full Council

The first Wednesday of the month is always Full Council.  As ever it was a lively experience!  Members of the public came to give petitions and ask questions.  The views of the people of Sheffield are always very welcome and important to me.

 The main issues discussed included the fact that we do not welcome ‘Carnage UK’ into the city. The general feeling is that they should be made to pay for the clean up and other problems caused from such an event.    We also talked about how we can continue to tackle inequalities within the city. It is important that we do not have a post code approach to action, no matter where you live in Sheffield.  We, as a Council, must target priorities to ensure that people can reach their full potential.   Also,  Sheffield has recently signed up to the Pen Campaign, which means that  we are determined to cut out our CO2 output by 10% by the end of 2010.

 Sparkling and Shining in Arbourthorne

I was absolutely bowled over when I went to watch the ‘Spark and Shine’ assembly at Arbourthorne School.  Young people were being rewarded for some of the wonderful things they’ve done at school to help others, and to set an example of how teamwork gets the best from us all working together.   The choir was outstanding and I have invited them into the Town Hall nearer Christmas to sing to us and to show exactly what some of our young people are capable of doing.   Well done Arbourthorne you certainly ‘Sparked with a Shine’.

 Sheffield HIV and Aids

I went to listen to a speaking tour to hear some of the stories from people who are living and coping with HIV and Aids.   It is really important as a city, to open our arms to everybody and ensure that everyone matters.  People suffering from the stigma of HIV and Aids need to know that our city will do all we can to ensure they have equal opportunities and can live fulfilling and rewarding lives.   Some of the stories were very moving and I am committed to ensuring that Sheffield truly is a place where everyone matters.

 Never forget the service

Sheffield Armed Forces tendered the Remembrance Sunday Service at Barker’s Pool on the 8th November.  Their role was to lead the city, Lord Mayor and other dignitaries in showing our respect for service men and women who have laid down their lives or been injured in the course of duty.   We also remember those who are at present serving in areas of war.   Sheffield is very proud of our service people, and we always remember the sacrifices that they make on behalf of the country, at this special time of year.


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