Hello, Hello, Hello, What’s going on in Sheffield then!!!

 This week was a way of looking at some of the Policing issues as well as bringing an old Tardis into operation!

 No Daleks but a new Information Centre

I was lucky enough to bring back into life the old Police Box outside the Town Hall by making it an information centre for local Sheffielders and visitors alike.

It was an idea to move the old Police Box to the Museum but after I stepped in it is now an information centre for City Centre Ambassadors which is open Monday to Saturday 10.00 am – 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.  Local, smiling, helpful, City Centre Ambassadors are on hand to help you with anything you need to have a safe and pleasant stay in Sheffield.

Off the Shelf

I was able to attend the civic reception for the Off the Shelf Festival, which is one of the largest festivals of its type in the Northof England.  It is great to see that Sheffield is being profiled like this, and such wonderful documentaries and books are highlighted in Sheffield, and that Sheffield is able to showcase such a wonderful event.  Check out what’s on at www.offtheshelf.org.uk.

New Police Station

I was able to go to the start of the work to reopen the Elm Tree Police Station at the Manor Top.  Working with local Police we have been able to hand back some land so that they can extend the Police Station and bring it back to life.  This is really a strong indication of our commitment to make sure that Sheffield is a place where everyone matters, and people feel safe and secure.



Taking Off at the Advanced Manufacturing Park! 

Just a fact – did you realise that the new Boeing liner has a piece of Sheffield in it!  This is the kind of world beating manufacturing which is taking place, and I was really impressed with the work that the University and companies are doing to make sure that Sheffield’s innovation and ingenuity stays ahead of the game.

I was able to go and look at some of the world beating companies and innovation that is taking place right here on our doorstep.  I went to the Advanced Manufacturing Park to look at companies such as Boeing who are leading in world class innovation and research into manufacturing.

 Standing Up for Sheffield’s Rail Network

I meet with Chris Moles, Government Minister, to discuss Sheffield’s needs for a better rail link between Sheffield and London.  I was also able to express that we wanted a better rail service between Liverpool and Hull which would improve Sheffield’s connection to both coasts.

At the same time, I was able to stand-up for Sheffield and Sheffielders by pointing out that we didn’t want our footbridge closing at the Railway Station.  I do hope the Minister listens, so that Sheffielders can not only get around the country better, but also keep the City as one and not cut in half.

Standing Up for Small Business

smallbusinessI attend a celebration to support the 35th Anniversary of the Federation for Small Business here in Sheffield.  At the same meeting we signed an agreement so the Council can support small businesses better, and help protect local Sheffield jobs and Sheffield businesses.  Really important that we work closely with business, and I was very pleased that the Federation for Small Business felt that the Council is now much more businesses friendly and doing more to help protect small businesses and local jobs.


 Wembley, Wembley, Wembley!!!

I went down to Wembley Stadium to discuss with the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Football Association, Sheffield’s bid to be a host city for 2018 if England gets the World Cup.

 They were very impressed with Sheffield’s bid and our commitment as a City to stand up and try to make sure that Sheffield can be showcased on the World Stage.  If you have not already done so could I remind you go to on line at www.sheffield2018.co.uk or text Sheffield to 62018 and vote for Sheffield.



Finally, be assured that I am working for you and local people to ensure that Sheffield is a city where everyone matters, and that if you have got any ideas or comments, then please do not hesitate to contact me at leader@sheffield.gov.uk.  You can also browse Sheffield City Council’s website at www.sheffield.gov.uk


3 Responses to Hello, Hello, Hello, What’s going on in Sheffield then!!!

  1. joansheffield says:

    I can’t believe that Sheffield is even considering submitting a bid to host another international sporting event !!! Why ??? The World Student Games was a total farce and I believe Sheffield residents are still paying for the cost of hosting if through their council tax. We don’t want any expensive sporting events. Let other cities/countries find the money to host such events. I’m furious that the British taxpayers are having to pay for the London Olympics and can’t understand why the cost has to spread across all the British tax-payers. If London is hosting the Olympics then London should pay for it and yet Sheffield had to fund the World Student Games without any UK taxpayer contribution ???

  2. joansheffield says:

    The new Wembley football stadium ….. Another blot on the landscape that the taxpayers will be paying for years to come. How much money did it cost and who paid for it??? The taxpayers no doubt.

    • paulscriven says:

      Thank you very much for your comment Joansheffield.

      Like you, I want to make sure that if we have another international sporting event, there is no debt to the taxpayers of Sheffield.

      This is why that in the 2018 bid we do not have to build facilities from public taxpayers money and it is a debt free option for us. Whilst there will be some investment that Council Tax payers have to make, an independent study by the University of Sheffield has shown the benefits to be somewhere between the region of £150m – £300m during the World Cup, depending on which football teams we can get into Sheffield.

      Kind regards and best wishes

      Many thanks.

      Councillor Paul Scriven

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