What a week for Sheffield…

This week has been another week of celebrating the success of Sheffield people and exactly what Sheffield and Sheffielders are about.

Students graduating from Sheffield University this week

Students graduating from Sheffield University this week


I was able to celebrate with the young people of Sheffield University who graduated.  It was good to see so many people with their new degrees although I acknowledge it’s hard at the moment in terms of the economic climate.  One thing I am certain about is that with a University of Sheffield degree they will make significant contributions, not only to the city, but to our society as well.

Our Economy
The economy is very important at the moment, and I sat down for a general review with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the city’s economy, and from a Chamber of Commerce perspective how the City can help businesses in the present economic climate.  We particularly talked about our role in supporting manufacturing.

 2018 World Cup Bid – Sheffield Back the Bid

Sheffield children back the bid

Sheffield children back the bid

I would like every Sheffielder to go on the website www.sheffield2018.co.uk  to register your support as we launch the 2018 World Cup bid.  The World Cup is such a big sporting event, and I was pleased that we are looking to be a host city for the England 2018 bid.  The delegation that came to have a look was very impressed with what Sheffield has got to offer and we now have to build on this. 

It was brilliant being with the youngsters, who are the future, and who clearly will benefit from the World Cup.

City back the bid

City back the bid

 Out about about in local communities

Talking to local residents in Darnall

 I went to Darnall to speak the local Bangladeshi Community who have got problems with their community building.  I listened to their concerns and tried to find a way forward to ensure that this city is a city where everyone matters, and the Bangladeshi community, like all communities in Sheffield, can flourish and meet their full potential.  I have promised to go back to them in the near future.


Sheffield Wheel provides a backdrop to our first ever Music Festival

Sheffield Wheel provides a backdrop to our first ever Music Festival

Reaching new heights!

One of the things about being Leader is that sometimes you have to do things that you may not wish to do, and my fear of heights is something that I have had to get over this week, as I launched the 197 feet or 60 metre Wheel of  Sheffield .  I had a wonderful interview with Charlotte, from Look North, the problem was that we were both scared of heights and therefore the interview was somewhat a nervy experience for both of us.  However, from the top there are some brilliant views of this great, great city, and I know that will be an attraction for visitors and locals alike to see their city from a very different perspective.

 Training and Skills for Sheffield people

I had a Board Meeting this week of Creative Sheffield, which is the economic board for the city to deliver jobs and prosperity.  Key issues we have looked at were training and skills and how Sheffield can really begin to move forward its training and skills.

No to bus cuts

I also met with senior managers from First Bus Group this week to talk about how the Council will not sanction bus cuts and service changes within the city.  I think it is very important that at a time of economic uncertainty like this, that we have a bus service that is clearly meeting the needs of Sheffielders.  It was an important meeting and I made it very clear that we would not support any reduction in the total bus coverage within Sheffield as a City Council. 

Crowd at Devonshire Green bask in the sunshine at the festival

Crowd at Devonshire Green

Music City

 Over the weekend Sheffield really did showcase itself

Just Jack perform for the crowd

'Just Jack' perform for the crowd

to the world, with a superb music festival in cooperation with Tramlines.  I saw many of the events, and walking around town on Saturday and Sunday the buzz was absolutely phenomenal.  People were friendly, particularly on Saturday basking in the sunshine and listening to the free music and events throughout the city.  It really shows what Sheffield can achieve when it raises its game and that Sheffielders are really up for showing their city off to the world.


As always you can contact me at leader@sheffield.gov.uk

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2 Responses to What a week for Sheffield…

  1. There is a complaint to make regarding the Frog & Parrot pub on Division Street.

    The licensing department will be aware of its obligation to vary the license for this premises in September 2008 when it gave permission for outdoor use in a newly constructed beer garden at the back of the pub.

    Because of the upgrading of this popular pub in the city centre which already functioned as a live music venue at weekends and other nights throughout the week, conditions were imposed that soundproof glazing were installed and that an entrance lobby to minimise noise breakout; and that sound levels were in place in accordance to Environmental Policy as previously volume had been turned up to an unacceptable level by “overzealous DJs”.

    On Sunday 26th July as part of the Tramlines Music Festival being held ac cross the city centre, the Frog & Parrot had live acts playing music through its amplified system from 9pm until after 1am.

    I live about 40 yards from the Frog & Parrot’s entrance on Division street and, after attempting to go to bed around midnight proved to be impossible from the thumping music, the venue kept going until
    1.20am when the last live band stopped playing. The volume level was turned up even louder for the last hour, as it was on Saturday night (according to reports from neighbours).

    When I ventured outside around 12.30am (Sunday night), the Frog & Parrot had become the main focal point of the area and there was lots of people milling around outside and some were shouting, etc.

    The music filled the street and obviously into many of our homes at a volume rarely ever heard on a Friday or Saturday night, never mind on what is usually a fairly quiet Sunday.

    The double doors onto Division Street were closed (except for when entered or exited) but it was pretty much full to capacity around this time (12.30 – 1am) and the noise levels were extremely loud, causing a nuisance which could clearly be heard inside my flat with the windows closed.

    I find this an unreasonable noise nuisance especially when considering how late it went on until. Now that it is over, I could quite easily put it out of my mind except that I know this will happen again as it does every so often – perhaps when it is perceived that they can get away with doing it.

    Local residents on Flockton Court have shown goodwill to the F&P by not reporting nuisance noise levels over the last few months even though this causes some of us a disturbance usually each weekend, we accept that this is a noisy time in any case.

    With this in mind, would it be possible to inform the F&P of the impact it is having on those living around the venue and remind its management of its requirements to conduct itself in a responsible manner. i.e the PA needs to be set at level suitable to the building it is located within. Remember that this is a a small pub – formerly a Taylor’s shop 30 years ago – it wasn’t built as a music venue and neither does it have the appropriate soundproofing to enable it to play music at such a volume without it having a detrimental effect on neighbouring residents.

    Dave Smith.

    • paulscriven says:

      Thanks for your comment Dave. I’m following this up with our Licensing department and I will get back in touch with you.

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